About Us

After 25 years in performance contracting and construction trades, Creative Management Solutions Contracting Inc. was founded to fill needs and voids consistent throughout the industry. From “Ivory Tower” ideas to “calloused hand” builds, there is always the challenge of getting started and to the finish line, on time and within budget.

Our mission, with heavy consideration to energy savings and carbon foot printing, is in wholistic approaches and thinking outside the box, as well as taking advantage of the opportunities within. With product performance options continually increasing, and pricing decreasing, we custom tailor every project to the specific needs of our clients, without focusing on the “parts changer mentality” seen over and over with typical contract companies. Our commitments to our customers have not only secured our success, but helped to continue theirs . With over $30M in successful projects worked on in the last 5 years alone, we would love the opportunity to further explore how we can help you achieve your goals.

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